(image kindly provided by Zach Taylor Photography)

I believe (and always will) that your ceremony is the most important part of your big day! It’s that moment where you get to stand in front of the one you love and reflect on all the amazing (and funny) memories you’ve shared together so far!

And the best part is that your ceremony is all about YOU!

Gone are the days where the ceremony is simply ‘that boring thing you have to do before the party.’ As long as we take care of the three legal elements (which I’ll explain to you), we can personalise the HECK out of your ceremony. It can quite literally be as WILD or as tame as you like!

Yeah it is a HUGE day, but planning your wedding shouldn’t give you frown lines, or keep you up at night. So that’s why I’ve created ‘The Plan’. It’s designed to make life SUPER easy, so that you can simply GET CREATIVE with your ceremony design. And you’ll never be alone!
I’ll happily guide you through the entire process and regularly touch base to see how you’re getting on…


  1. THE INITIAL COFFEE DATE - We will grab a coffee to get to know each other a little and have a good chat about your day. We will also complete the initial paperwork and chat about any weird and/or wonderful ideas you may have for your ceremony.

  2. THE DESIGN - This is where the magic happens! I’ll give you a ceremony planning booklet and access to the ‘Client Creative’ so that you can get your creative on. At any time, feel free to ask me questions or bounce ideas off me (honestly, go nuts).

  3. THE FINAL COFFEE DATE - At about 8 weeks from your big day we will go over your ceremony design. We’ll also have a chat about and schedule in the rehearsal. At this point, we will still have plenty of time so that it’s smooth sailing to the day.

  4. THE REHEARSAL - At the rehearsal, we will focus on the timing and ‘logistics’ of the ceremony with you and your bridal party. We will also quickly run through the ceremony, confirm any final deets and most importantly, check-in with you before the big day!



On the big day the only thing left to do will be to create a relaxed, fun vibe! I’ll be there a little early to play some good tunes to get your guests in the zone. I’ll also check that everything is in the right place and that your bridal party are ready to roll. Why? So that you can simply arrive, take a deep breath and truly enjoy the most exciting day of your life!