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MARRY ME JOSH | Marriage Celebrant & Good Vibe Guru



MY couples

The nature of ceremonies is changing. More and more couples are looking for a ceremony that is fun, light-hearted and truly reflects them and their unique journey. I am really passionate about what I do, and so I work with couples that are too. They want the ceremony to be the start of the party, not the boring thing they have to get out of the way first.

I love it when couples are invested and engaged in making their ceremony unique.


Support. Organisation. Fun. No Stress. Both in lead up to and on the day itself.

I’ll take care of all the little things, such as music, printing your vows, and anything else you can think of that will allow you to relax and enjoy the day.


After a year and a half of hustling hard, trying different things, and learning from those that don’t work so well, I’ve had the honour of marrying 108 AWESOME people, and have met so many incredible suppliers along the way!

And I’m so lucky that now I’m a celebrant full-time, which means that I can spend more time getting to really know my couples and help them plan their perfect day.

After my experiences so far, I believe there’s three main things that are really important for ‘big day success’:

  1. That my couples and I (the awkward third wheel) get along really well,

  2. That my couples feel supported and inspired to design their ceremony exactly the way they want it, and

  3. That the entire process (and the day itself) is organised, fun and above all, completely stress-free.

You will probably hear me bang on about these things quite a lot. But when they are spot on, the day itself runs like clockwork. And the only nerves left are those of excitement, not of doubt. Which means, rather than simply ‘going through the motions’, you will be able to truly feel and enjoy, every single moment.