sticking to the vision

Expand the vision to include an entire wedding planning service, that fun, easy and stress free. And takes the guess work out of finding good suppliers. Suppliers will have to meet a ‘standard of awesomeness’ (make clickable link on website to view the standard) - and customers will provide feedback on the service, in the most convenient way possible, of course.

what’s next?

Expand the marrymejosh brand (in align with the vision) and put couples in touch with suppliers that I know will provide a fun, easy and stress free service. Ability to ‘assemble their a team’ and meet with suppliers before booking them, to make sure you really vibe. I will grab a coffee with you to find out what you are after, and organise all meetings, collaborate with suppliers (but not interfere) and then coordinate the entire event on the day. Everyone isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. After the meeting, I’ll let the suppliers know your feedback, and we will assemble again if required.

It will be a little different to a traditional wedding planning service, as it takes the guess work out of finding good suppliers. Plus, it’s not intrusive. You will meet with all suppliers individually and I’ll simply be there to support and coordinate the process.