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even more ideas!!

I give you… the 'icing on the cake elements’!

Here are some more things for you to consider, to make your big day even more AWESOME:




MODERN rituals

Modern rituals are a great way to include or pay tribute to family, friends, children or passed loved ones. They are also a good way to have a little bit of 'extra fun' during the ceremony and to make your ceremony stand out that little bit more. Below are some different ritual ideas:


WINE AND LETTER BOX - Before the wedding, write a letter to each other. Place your letters in sealed envelopes and bring them with you to the ceremony. During the ceremony, place your letters and a good bottle of wine in a display box. Close and lock or hammer shut the box as part of the ritual. You can then open the box, read the letters, and share the wine on an anniversary.

COCKTAIL CEREMONY - Do you have a favourite cocktail? Incorporate it into your ceremony by doing a Cocktail Ceremony. Each member of the bridal party adds an ingredient to the cocktail shaker, then the celebrant will shake it up and pour it into two glasses, from which you will toast!


RING WARMING CEREMONY - Before the ceremony starts, put the rings in a small satchel and have your guests pass them around during the ceremony. Each guest will put a little blessing on the rings, so that by the time the exchanging of rings is performed, they have been held and blessed by all your guests.

BRIGHT LIGHT CEREMONY - Before the ceremony, give each guest a single candle. When the ceremony starts, light the first candle and have them light each other's candles one by one. This looks amazing during early evening or night-time ceremonies and is best suited for smaller audiences.

A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT - Think about whom you have in your close groups of family or friends that has really influenced who you are as a person. Then, give them a special shout out or have them come up during the ceremony to share some lovely words. This could be short and sweet and anything from some 'words of wisdom' to sharing 'what really happened.'

THE MODERN PROCESSION - Traditionally, the bride and her father walk down the aisle together at the beginning of the ceremony. But, there is no reason why you can't walk down the aisle with a close family member or friend. Also, why not have you nanna as your 'flower girl' or your brother as your 'page boy'? Escorting you into the arms of your partner is a huge honour for your family and friends, so feel free to get them involved.


PRESENTATION OF FLOWERS - The bride can add two flowers to her bouquet, that she can easily remove.  When she reaches the front of the aisle, she takes one out and hands it to her mother as a symbol of recognition for all that she has done for her throughout her life.  At the completion of the ceremony, the bride removes the second flower and hands it to her new mother-in-law to symbolise the new relationship that has been formed.

PROMISES TO YOUR CHILDREN - Add a seperate set of 'vows' which you can each say to your new step-children. The vows can includes promises to take care of their parent, and to always try to be a good support for and friend to them.

MINI PICASSOS - When there are a lot of kids at the ceremony and you're afraid they might run a muck, here's how to keep them occupied. At the beginning of the ceremony, seat the children at the very front and hand out paper and colouring pencils. Ask them to draw what they love most about you or guys. Then, at the end of the ceremony, get the children to present their drawings to you as a gift (or to your audience).


A MOMENT OF SILENCE - The most well known thing you can do for a family member or friend who has passed away is to have a moment's silence for them. This can be done during the introduction or at any time throughout the ceremony.

A CHAIR FOR THEM - Simply leave one chair in the front row free for your loved one. You could even put a picture of them on the chair and/or make a special mention of them at any point during the ceremony.

WORDS THEY SAY - Include a light hearted story about a passed loved one, including their nickname and/or the 'classic one liners' they always used to say.



“WE NOW PRONOUNCE YOU” - Believe it or not, it’s not a legal requirement for me to pronounce you! So instead, why not have a close family or friend member surprise your audience by doing it? Or, why not have your guests pronounce you with/without a glass of champagne in hand? Trust me. Your guests will be SUPER chuffed that they are the ones who get to perform this extra special task.

WITNESS BINGO - place two cards randomly on the bottom of two seats (or on two glasses) and ask your audience to look under their seats. The two lucky guests will then be told that they have a very important job to do later on.

FUR BABIES - Let's be honest. We LOVE our fur babies, so why not include them in the ceremony somehow? Whether it be a special shout out, having them walk down the aisle or even make a special appearance, it would be pretty cool to include them in some way.

THE AUDIENCE READS - Choose a reading and break it up into small parts. Then have various members of your audience read each part during the ceremony.

IN-FLIGHT HOUSEKEEPING - Do you have a soft spot for air travel? Or do planes simply fascinate the heck out of you? Why not do your ceremony housekeeping with an aircraft noise backing track (I have the audio ready to roll). This is a great way to warm up your crowd before the ceremony.

DR SEUSS VOWS - Say your vows in the style of Dr. Seuss (I have the wording for this btw.)

GROUP SING-A-LONG - What better way to involve your guests (and make your ceremony TRULY memorable), then to have your family and friends sing-a-long to your favourite love ballad (e.g. “Truly, Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden or “Lovefool” by The Cardigans)? Simply choose someone to kick the song off and another person to hold up giant flashcards with the lyrics.

YOUR STORY READ BY… - Have a close family or friend member read your couple’s story.

BUILD YOUR BOUQUET - as you walk down the aisle, have some members of the audience hand you flowers to ‘build your bouquet.’ Then, when you arrive at the front, your partner will hand you a ribbon to tie it all together.

NERD ALERT - Are you THE BIGGEST Star Wars fan (for example)? Why not include some of your favourite one-liners throughout the ceremony? Or even walk in to 'Dark Vader's theme'...

TAKE A CHILL PILL - Your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your lives! So, when you can, remember to simply breathe and pause for a moment to take it all in. Also, don't be afraid to duck away between the ceremony and reception, just to have a little bit of quiet time to yourselves. Just say the word, and i'll keep those good tunes rolling for your guests :-)