Do you prepare and lodge all the legal stuff?

Yep, I sure do! It’s my job as your celebrant to complete all the paperwork and lodge it on your behalf, after the marriage. All you’ll need to do is check it and sign.

Do you

  1. Do you prepare and lodge all the legal stuff?

  2. How long does the ceremony go for?

  3. Do you provide all the audio equipment?

  4. Do you play the music during the ceremony?

  5. Have you performed ceremonies outside of Perth?

  6. How can you help if we are interstate, or live overseas? What if we live…

  7. Who is your favourite musician? - James Taylor (better ask grandma who that is…)

  8. What if we have no idea about the style of ceremony we want or the things we would like to include?

  9. Where the heck do we start?

  10. You just say the legal stuff and it’s done right?

  11. How much time do you spend working closely with each couple?

  12. Does it bother you if we contact you randomly? - Not at all

  13. How many meetings do you normally have before the big day? - At least 3 meetings, but as many as you need.

  14. Should we have a rehearsal? Do we need one?

  15. How can we involve our guests in our ceremony?

  16. What style of ceremony are we able to have?